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Donate To Fund

Fund Name
An Achievable Dream
Apprentice School Foundation
Bay Electric Technology Grant
Bethel Manor Elementary
Bill & Barbara Tavenner Family Charitable Fund
Bill & Stephanie Thees Charitable Fund
Bobby Scott Foundation
Boys & Girls Club
Breiner Family Fund
Brian & Robyn Long Fund
Brown Charitable Fund
Bruton High
Bunnie Wiley Go Make A Difference
Burdick Designated Fund
Canon VA Emergency Fund
Catherine & Henry Wood Charitable Foundation
Celebrating Excellence in Teaching Scholarship
Chad Green Reading for Merit Innovative Grant
Charles & Jessie Hopkins Charitable Fund
Charles S. Hopkins, Jr. Charitable Fund
Chip & Kathy Devine Fund
Continuum of Care
Coventry Elementary
Daily Press Holiday Fund
Dare Elementary
David & Rebecca Meeker Charitable Fund
DCA Dot Collins Memorial Fund
Debra Deihl DAF
Deer Park Fund
Dellavalle Charitable Fund
Deloris L. Borum Bridge 2 Wholeness Endowment Fund
Donald N. & Martha H. Patten Fund
Don't Trip Over Your Shoelaces
Doug & Molly Strup Charitable Fund
Dr. Ernest & Georgia Buxton Donor Advised Fund
Dr. Lucia Villa Sebastian Innovative Grant
D. Vaughn Fund
Early Childhood Venture Fund
Education/Workforce Development Fund
Emerging Needs Fund
Ezzell Family Fund
Ferguson Community Fund
Ferguson Family Fund
Ferguson Family Scholarship
Friends of W.M. Jordan Company
Gentry Family Fund
Give Local 757
Grafton Bethel Elementary
Grafton High
Grafton Middle
Greg & Pam Lawson DAF
Hager Family Fund
Hampton Library Endowment Fund
Hampton Opportunities Initiative
Hampton Roads Community Foundation Fund
Harry & Judy Wason Scholarship Fund
Harwood Family Fund
Helmandollar Fund
Henry Jordan Memorial Scholarship
Hobie Dunston Kopcrzynski Shine A Light In the Darkness Memorial Grant
Homeless Family Fund
Hunter Andrews for Downtown Hampton Child Development Center
Hunter Andrews for Hampton History Museum
Hutcherson Family Fund
Impact 100 Greater Peninsula
ITA International, LLC Instructional Grant
Iverson Fund (Allen Iverson)
Jacobs Family Fund
Jacquelynn LaClair Fund
John L Wilcox Fund
John R. & Jennifer L. Blankinship Philanthropic Fund
Joseph Levi Memorial Scholarship
Julie Sager Scholarship
Keith & Greta Vander Vennet Philanthropic Fund
Kellam, Weaver-Fagan & Hastee Scholarship Fund
Kenneth & Esther Barnes Fund
Kevin & Heather Barnes Family Fund
Kevin & Mindy Murphy Charitable Contribution Fund
Lawrence Butterfoss Memorial Grant for Reading Excellence
Leadership Society
Lee Galloway Scholarship
Lemere Fund
Magruder Elementary
Menchville House
Michael & Maria Brooks Family Fund
Mike Tylavsky Scholarship
Mt. Vernon Elementary
Nancy Core Middle School Collaboration Grant
Neighborhood Revitalization Fund
Nettles Creek Fund
NN Shipbuilding Hardship Fund
Norman Fitzer Fund
Operating Fund
Parr Charitable Fund
Patten Family Fund
Peninsula Crime Line
Peninsula Junior Achievement
Peninsula Scholarship
People to People Fund
Poquoson Youth Development Fund
Queens Lake Middle
Richard & Katherine Winckler Charitable Trust
Riverdale Fund
Robert & Chris Braig Charitable Trust
Robert C. & Louise F. Canfield Philanthropic Fund
Rodney & Crystal Grainger Charitable Fund
Rose Family Fund
Savannah Head Memorial Innovative Grant for Reading Excellence
Schlicher Family Fund
Scott & Tricia Russell Family Fund
Seaford Elementary
Smart Beginnings of the VA Peninsula
Spectrum Comm Foundation Fund
Spectrum Inc. Teacher & Para Professional Scholarship
Star of Excellence Innovative Grant for Special Education
Stefani-Weiss DAF
Stephen & Kelly David Fund
Steven D. & Carol A. Petock Charitable Fund
Steve Staples YCSD Employee Scholarship
Stevie Ashe Innovative Grant
Student Resource Development Grant
Sullivan Family Fund
Susan & Edward Kritzman Family Scholarship Fund
Tabb Elementary
Tabb High
Tabb Middle
Terry E. and Patti L. Hall Philanthropic Fund
The Faison Center
Thomas Doggins Memorial Scholarship
Topping Trust
Trevor J. McLaughlin Memorial Scholarship
Tysinger Family Fund
Va. Peninsula Association of Realtors Fund
Virginia Living Museum
Waller Mill Elementary
Warwick Mechanical Group Charitable Fund
Warwick Mechanical Group Hardship Fund
Wassmer Family Fund
William S. Brundage Charitable Trust
Wm. Bell & Family Fund
Wythe Fund
York Foundation for Public Education
York High
York River Academy
Yorktown Elementary
Yorktown Middle
York Waterways Teacher Grant
Young Family Fund
Youth Volunteer Corps
Zel Technologies Foundation